The Survival Guide for Kids w/ Autism Spectrum Disorders (And Their Parents) Book

Product Number : 1980

  • Help children on the Autism Spectrum gain self-understanding and self-acceptance
  • Provides specific strategies for communicating in a variety of situations
  • Learn how to handle intense emotions
  • Includes stories from real kids, fact boxes, helpful checklists, resources and sections for parents
  • Ages: 8-13

Written by Elizabeth Verdick and Elizabeth Reeve, M.D. This positive, straightforward book offers kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders their own comprehensive resource for both understanding their condition and finding tools to cope with the challenges they face every day. Some children with ASD are gifted, others struggle academically. Some are more introverted, while others try to be social. Some get "stuck" on things, have limited interests, or experience repeated motor movements like flapping or pacing ("stims"). The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders covers all of these areas, with an emphasis on helping children gain new self-understanding and self-acceptance. The book addresses questions ("What is ASD?" "Why me?") and provides strategies for communicating, making and keeping friends, and succeeding in school. Emphasis is placed on helping kids handle intense emotions and behaviors, plus get support from family or their team of helpers when needed. Softcover, 240 pages.

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