The Storytelling Card Game

Product Number : 350260

  • The original therapeutic storytelling game, by child psychiatrist Richard Gardner, MD
  • Includes 24 picture cards, 30 human figures, and a spinner
  • This game is an excellent tool for engaging children, including children who are reluctant to open up
  • Participants use the scene cards and cardboard figures to illustrate their stories
  • For 2 players, ages  4-11

The Storytelling Card game was created by prominent child psychiatrist, Richard A. Gardner, M.D. The storytelling technique is one of the most effective and popular tools in child and play therapy. Children's self-created stories provide clinicians with valuable insights into the conscious and unconscious problems with which their clients are dealing. This game is based on the principle that children are more likely to provide stories in the context of a fun and engaging game in which reward chips and prizes are given. Children use any of 24 scene cards (living room, backyard, classroom, kitchen, etc.) and a selection of the 30 cardboard figures to tell their stories. An instructional booklet is included. This game is very compatible with The Mutual Story Telling Technique.

Restricted Item: You must have at least a master's degree on file to purchase!

24 Picture cards (20 depict a scene free from either humans or animals, 4 blank)
30 Human figurines (depicting people from infancy to old age)

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