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The Social Skills Picture Book Set*

Product Number : FH-25

The Social Skills Picture Books
by Jed Baker, PhD
Photos transform abstract social concepts into concrete skills!

Packed with color photographs showing a variety of real-life social situations, these books offer a visual and realistic format for teaching social skills to individuals with developmental disabilities. For each situation, students learn right and wrong ways to engage with others, and positive and negative consequences of their behavior.

The book for children, Teaching Play, Emotion, and Communication to Children With Autism covers important social skills, including joining in play, sharing, keeping calm, and many more. For older students, the For High School and Beyond edition depicts real-life situations that are important to teens, such as making new friends, conversational skills, asking someone out on a date, interviewing for a job, and more.

The Social Skills Picture Books can be used in therapy, one on one, or with groups to encourage discussion and facilitate role-playing.

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