The New Parachute Games DVD*

Product Number : 510250003

  • 25 minute length DVD
  • 20 Games
  • Text files are included in PDF format

If you have a parachute or are thinking of getting one, the New Parachute Games DVD will be your most economical and useful physical education purchase of the year.

Presented are 20 games showing you what to do with a parachute. A few games are well known activities, but there are also unusual games that you probably have never seen before. It's a lot of fun for very little money.

Parachute Games are a great way to learn about cooperation, self control, and a host of other physical and social skills - without even noticing. That's because everyone is too busy having fun! The skills are learned because they are a part of the games. It doesn't matter how old, how strong, or how skillful you are, the emphasis is on teamwork and doing the games well together.

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