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The New Bully Free Classroom Book*

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The New Bully Free Classroom
Proven Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Teachers K–8

by Allan L. Beane, PhD

Revised and updated third edition

This book gives teachers more than 110 prevention strategies, activities, and projects to create a calm, safe and fun atmosphere for children to learn and grow. Students learn to:

  • Stick up for themselves and each other
  • Break the code of silence and report bullying incidents
  • Build self-esteem, empathy, and social skills
  • Explore positive ways to feel powerful

The author uses the terms such as “kids who bully” and “targets of bullying,” rather than the common labels “bullies” and “victims.” New examples and scenarios cover relational bullying and cyberbullying. The included CD-ROM offers handouts for reproducing and a PowerPower presentation for staff training.

Brighten up your classroom or office with the accompanying colorful poster sets (sold separately) for elementary and middle school settings.


Softcover, 192, pages, 8½" × 11". Includes a CD-ROM with reproducible materials.