The Color of Feelings Set

Product Number : 383616

  • Help children learn the language, facial expressions, and body language of feelings
  • Colorful and engaging 
  • Ages: 5 and up

This colorful and thoughtfully developed program by Jim Velez, MS, MA, helps kids learn the language of emotions. Explore the world of feelings using these colorful and engaging tools.

Set includes one each of the following:

Designed to create awareness of facial expressions and body language, the colorful, 22" x 26" laminated How Are You Feeling? poster captivates children of all ages.

The cards facilitate growth in emotional intelligence and provide a hands-on opportunity for children and teens to sort out what they are feeling.

Palettes (pack of 10)
These palettes help kids learn the language of emotions. With 92 different feelings arranged by "families," the laminated Color of Feelings palette provides a rich word bank for identifying and sharing feelings.

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