SOS Ayuda Para Padres: Una Guia Practica para Manejar Problemas de Conducta Comunes y Corrientes (Help for the Parents, Spanish Edition)

Product Number : 66840

by Lynn Clark, Ph.D.  
The illustrated Handbook shows you, step-by-step, how to discipline hard-to-control and strong-willed children, using positive reinforcement, natural consequences, "time out," and more than a dozen other simple behavior management skills.

Enjoyable and user friendly, this program works with parents at all levels of functioning.


SOS Help For Parents empowers parents with the tools for child rearing using a positive, consistent, and simple-to-follow program. . . . will enable parents to feel more competent and confident in their parenting skills as well as in their communication skills with their children. --National Association of School Psychologists Communique Newsletter

SOS is an extremely comprehensive excellent book. We highly recommend it. --Journal of Clinical Child Psychology

Lynn Clark drew on his 20 years of working with Parents and children when he wrote SOS Help For Parents. --USA Today

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