Social Skills Puppet DVD

Product Number : W-411CDV

The Social Thinking Skills Puppet Theater offers children the opportunity to learn skills that make it easier for them to initiate and maintain social interactions with their peers. Children may watch the skits, and enact the skits if time permits. The program helps children acquire specific skillsperceiving themselves as competent, expecting success in social situations, not worrying, accepting mistakes, and taking credit for success. This DVD is ideal for both shy, socially neglected children, and aggressive, socially rejected youngsters.

The DVD presents two vignettes for each of the six skills and two scenes (positive and negative models) for each vignette. An accompanying manual provides scripts, so you can easily present the skits yourself if you prefer. Best used in tandem with at least one of the other social skills tools by Berg, this is an ideal introduction to game playing or storytelling sessions, especially for younger children.

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