Sand Play Starter Set with Inflatable Tray and 5.5 lb Kinetic Sand Bundle

Product Number : 995173100

  • This kit has everything you need to practice sand play therapy on the go
  • Includes a large selection of toys, inflatable sand tray, and 5.5 lbs of Kinetic Sand
  • All items are hand picked by Dr. Gary Yorke and are optimized to provide the best value for beginning therapists or seasoned professionals
  • Figures range in size: house is 2 inches tall, foot bridge is 4.5 inches long by 3 inches tall, fence segments are 6 inches long, and most of the human figures range from 2.75 to 3 inches tall

This set gives you everything you need to practice sand play therapy on the go! Includes inflatable tray measuring 26.5 x 19 x 2.75 inches, 5.5 pounds of Kinetic Sand, and a wide variety of miniatures!

Our inflatable sand tray is easy to use and transport. Velcro closure keeps the sand inside the tray. Simply fold and carry!

Kinetic Sand is easy to shape and molds into simple desktop designs. Playing with Kinetic Sand is a magical and mesmerizing experience! It's 98% pure sand and is naturally gluten free. It moves like dense fluid without making a mess because it is 2% non-toxic polymer. The sand sticks to itself for easy clean up.

You'll also receive this wide variety of miniatures:

-Mini Family Set, 24 figures

-Mini Soldiers Set

-Wooden Cross

-Down on the Farm Toob Set

-Bird's Nest

-On the Road Vehicle Toob Set

-Mini Pirate Treasure Chest (pair)

-Wild Animal Set

-Mythical Realms Toob Set

-Community Workers Toob Set

-World Landmarks Toob Set

-Royal Court Toob Set

-Spooky Characters Toob Set

-House (2)

-Fence (6)

-Foot Bridge (2)

-Wild West Toob Set

NOTE: Your kit may not be exactly as pictured. As items become unavailable substitutions do occur. Items substituted will be of equal or greater value.

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