Putting Kelso Into Play

Product Number : 1843

  • Help students see how kids use conflict management solutions to solve everyday problems
  • Features 5 different vignettes to add to your Kelso curriculum
  • Grades: K-5

See Kelso's Choices in action! Offering more short, true-to-life vignettes to add to your curriculum. The DVD is presented in two separate sections: Grades K-3 hosted by Kelso himself using Kelso's Choice Wheel & Grades 4-5 hosted by a young teen using the brand new K.C.'s Wheel - a more developmentally appropriate wheel for pre-teens.
Each section presents five different opportunities for kids to see KELSO PUTTING CHOICES INTO PLAY.

Descriptions of scenarios included in this DVD:

Grades K-3 hosted by Kelso himself using choices from Kelso’s Choice Wheel

Scenario 1: Small Problem One child says she likes everything her friend likes.

Scenario 2: Small Problem A group of kids sit around a table in the library working on homework. One child makes annoying noises. Each kid handles the problem in a different way.

Scenario 3: Small Problem Two kids head out to recess but have different ideas on what they were going to do.

Scenario 4: Big Problem A stranger plays near the children’s playground and asks the kids to help him find his dog.

Scenario 5: Big Problem A child sees an older kid stealing from a teacher’s desk.

Grades 4-5 hosted by a young teen using choices from K.C.’s Wheel

Scenario 1: Minor Problem A group girl of girls are in the bathroom during recess and tease their friend who wears lip gloss, calling her make-up girl.

Scenario 2: Minor Problem A group of boys sit at a table doing homework when some of the boys start throwing paper at each other. One boy gets annoyed.

Scenario 3: Minor Problem Kids are playing basketball during recess but one kid is fouling the other team on purpose.

Scenario 4: Serious Problem A kid walks into the bathroom and sees a boy showing off his pocket knife, then gives a threatening look to the witness.

Scenario 5: Serious Problem A girl is missing her sweater and later sees another girl wearing it.

This product is also part of the Kelso's Booster Curriculum Kit.. 

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