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Life Skills Card Decks Set High School Version

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  • Help teens deal with complex issues
  • Topics include stress, making friends, anger management, and more
  • Includes 6 decks of cards

The High School version presents more complex and sophisticated questions that are appropriate for teens and reflect the complex issues they are faced with every day.

This set includes one each of the following High School card:

Dear Jess, I'm Stressed!
Each card has a letter from a stressed-out teen asking for advice. Teens pretend they are Jess and offer advice. It's easy to expand the discussion to include the entire group.

Making and Keeping Friends
This deck of cards focuses on real-life situations that help teens reflect on their own friendship skills and their personal values as they make and keep friends.

Managing Your Anger Situations
While emphasizing that everyone experiences anger differently, these cards help teens develop an array of techniques to handle situations that provoke their anger.

Which Best Describes You?
Presented with two possible answers to a question, teens are asked to reflect and determine which is most like them and why.

Talents & Interests
This deck helps teens identify and rate their different personal talents and interests and begin talking about what they can do with those strengths.

Tough Topics
Straightforward questions about the challenging health, personal, and social issues that teens are presented within school and home, to elicit opinions, views, and values.