Let's Have A Great Day!: A Classroom Positive Behavior Game

Product Number : 1016017

Ages: 6-12. There's never been a game quite like this one. It instantly motivates a classroom of children toward positive, helpful, and respectful behavior. The game contains six over-sized spinners which are given to groups of children in the classroom. Each spinner directs children toward a specific set of positive behaviors, including: helpfulness, character building, positive attitude, good work habits, and following rules. At the beginning of the day, each group spins its spinner and gets a positive assignment. When a group completes the assignment, all group members get a hand-stamp, and at the end of the week the group or class can earn fun rewards. The game also includes a CD of forms to keep track of student progress. For any number of players.

5 Let's Have a Great Day Spinners
1 Blank Spinner
Reward stamp
CD of printable positive behavior forms

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