Knowing Yourself, Knowing Others Workbook

Product Number : 1472

  • Help children read social cues, developing strategies to avoid meltdowns, guessing people's intentions, staying safe in social settings, and more
  • Intended for children with Asperger’s disorder or NLD
  • Ages: 6-12

Written by Barbara Cooper, MPS, and Nancy Widdows, MS. Asperger's disorder is a common neuropsychiatric condition that affects children's abilities to understand and become involved in social interaction. When a child in your life struggles with Asperger's or Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD), developing social skills will be a particular challenge for him or her. This illustrated workbook written by the founders of SuperKids, an innovative program that treats hundreds of children with Asperger's disorder each year, offers simple exercises you can use to facilitate this important process.Knowing Yourself, Knowing Others includes activities that will help kids with Asperger's disorder and related conditions learn how to read social cues, avoid meltdowns, understand others' needs and intentions, resolve conflicts with friends, build basic nonverbal skills, and more.Softcover, 144 pages, 10 x 8 inches

This book is also part of the Instant Help Books Set.

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