Kelso In Action DVD 4th Edition

Product Number : 1841

  • Short, true-to-life vignettes help students see how kids just like them use Kelso's Choices to solve everyday problems.
  • Help children deal with big and small problems
  • Grades: K-5
  • Duration: 20 minutes.
The DVD is presented in two separate sections: Grades K-3 - hosted by Kelso himself using Kelso's Choice Wheel and Grades 4-5 - hosted by a young teen using the brand new K.C.'s Wheel (a more developmentally appropriate wheel for pre-teens). Each section presents five different opportunities for kids to see Kelso In Action.
  1. One Problem, Two Solutions: Two friends solve the same conflict, but in different ways.
  2. When the First Way Doesn't Work: If your first choice doesn't work, try something different.
  3. Big Problems: Big problems need the attention of an adult
  4. When You Try and Try: Not all conflicts can be resolved
  5. What Would You Do?: Offers viewers the chance to solve conflict

Grades K-3 hosted by Kelso himself using choices from Kelso’s Choice Wheel Scenario.

  1. Small Problem: Four children are playing four square and one child keeps changing the rules Scenario
  2. Small Problem: A girl continues to borrow her neighbor s class supplies without asking, and returns them in poor shape Scenario
  3. Small Problem: A boy is finishing his class project when two girls accidentally bump into it and cause it to fall on the floor Scenario
  4. Big Problem: Two children play Frisbee near a group of older kids. When the Frisbee accidentally hits an older boy, he threatens the younger kids. Scenario
  5. Big Problem: Children play ball and accidentally hit the ball into the street.


Grades 4-5 hosted by a young teen using choices from K.C’s Wheel Scenario.

  1. Minor Problem: A group of boys always joke with each other, but a continuing joke is hurtful and really bothersome to one of the boys Scenario
  2. Minor Problem: A group of girls have formed a band, but two of the girls want to be the singer and have different ideas on which genre to play Scenario
  3. Minor Problem: A boy gets a new pair of white shoes, and his friend marks them as a joke Scenario
  4. Serious Problem: Two girls get in a fight. One of the girls retaliates by posting hurtful rumors on her social networking page Scenario
  5. Serious Problem: During lunch time a girl throws away her lunch, and instead drinks an energy drink. She asks her friend to not tell anyone.
This product is also part of the Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Kit.

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