Depression Cards for The Social and Emotional Competence Board Game

Product Number : 52042

Substitute these cards for the Communication cards when playing the board game, or use as a stand-alone game (chips not included). Use these cards to facilitate an appreciation and understanding of the child’s difficulties, and develop strategies for managing and coping with their challenges. Purchase all five supplemental decks when you buy The Social and Emotional Competence Card Game. EXAMPLES Depressed people often feel bored and don’t feel like doing anything. Jarrod had depression. He decided he was going to make himself do more things so that he could start feeling better. Name three things your parents will let you do when you are very bored. Three chips. Kelly is very interested in being friends with Carrie, a girl who lives next door. Carrie almost always says “no” when Kelly invites her over, so now Kelly is depressed and thinks she’ll never have friends. What is a better way to think about this that won’t make Kelly depressed? Two chips. Some studies have suggested that 2 to 8 children out of a hundred have depression. Do you know anyone else with depression? Does it make you feel better or worse to know that other children have depression? Two chips. Suitable for ages 6 and older.

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