Courage - I Am Elemental Female Action Figure Set

Product Number : 16100U23109

  • Exciting Female action figures suitable for play therapy and sand tray work
  • Action figures represent 7 Elements of Courage
  • 4-inch detailed figures
  • Carefully crafted articulated action figures
  • Set includes all 7 figures, storage box, accessories, drawstring bags, bracelet, & workbook

These carefully crafted and articulated action figures look like normal, fit, healthy, strong women.  This set includes all 7 action figures, interactive workbook, 7 drawstring bags, shields, inter-changeable accessories, and a bracelet.  The 7 Elements of Courage are Bravery, Core Power Courage, Energy, Enthusiasm, Fear, Honesty, and Industry. Each figure is individually packaged so it’s identity is only revealed when purchased and opened.

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