Conflict in the Classroom, Seventh Edition

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Conflict in the Classroom, Seventh Edition
Successful Behavior Management Using the Psychoeducational Model

by Nicholas J. Long, Frank A. Fecser, William C. Morse, Ruth G. Newman, and Jody E. Long

This book prepares teachers to implement time-tested and effective behavior management concepts and skills based on the psychoeducational concepts of teaching students in crisis. It covers topics including walking in the footsteps of troubled students and connecting with students. In addition, the book teaches concepts and skills for managing chronic student behavior, group behavior, and students in crisis. Examples of emotional conflicts in children and youth are presented as well as strategies for promoting positive behavioral change. These strategies emphasize the importance of teacher-student relationships, acknowledging normal counter-aggressive feelings, and understanding that emotions are the primary motivator of behavior.

Paperback, 296 pages, 7" × 10"

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