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Common Problems of Childhood Workbook Set

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  • Help children express themselves and learn ways to handle the problems of others
  • Activities include word searches, puzzles, drawings, mazes, and more

  • Ages:5-12

Each workbook contains dozens of activities to help children express themselves and learn ways to handle the problems of others. Word searches, puzzles, drawings, mazes, and story-starters abound in the Angry Monster Workbook, The Problem-Solving Workbook, The Self-Control Patrol Workbook, The Cooperation Workbook, and Anybody Can Bake A Cake. Workbooks are 68 to 118 pages. Recommended for ages 5-12.


Set includes one each of the following titles:


The Problem Solving Workbook by Tracy Zimmerman, illustrated by Steve Barr. This workbook is designed for use by teachers and counselors to help children learn essential interpersonal problem-solving skills. As children learn to solve real life problems in the workbook, they can begin to apply these same techniques to their own life. 


Helping Kids Heal by Rebecca Carman, CSW. This unique volume contains 75 "tried-and-true" activities to use with school-age children after an acutely traumatic event - such as a natural disaster or accident - or in response to the chronic trauma and loss experienced by children living in at-risk communities.


The Social Conflict Workbook by Berthold Berg, Ph.D. is full of interesting activities and exercises. this workbook reinforces skills such as recognizing that circumstances are often the source of conflict, assuming personal responsibility for conflict, learning the other person's point of view, disputing beliefs that justify aggression, thinking ahead about consequences, using assertive rather than aggressive behavior, and using problem-solving skills


The Self Control Patrol Workbook by Terry Trower and illustrated by Bruce Van Patter. Self-control is an important attribute for all children to develop, particularly for children with ADHD or other behavioral problems. This workbook is designed to make learning self-control skills fun. Recommended for ages 5-12.

The Angry Monster Workbook by Hennie Shore and Illustrated by Renee Williams. This workbook is designed to help children both understand their anger and develop alternative ways of expressing themselves. The emphasis is on helping children recognize signs of anger and develop better ways to cope with it.