Bullying...Not in this School: 40 weeks of Bullying Prevention Activities

Product Number : 1781

  • Easy to implement in a school curriculum
  • Helps create a No Bullying culture

  • Includes discussion/writing prompts, activities for pairs, and optional activities to enhance lessons

  • Grades: up to 7

Bullying Not in This School: 40 Weeks of Bullying Prevention Activities. This new program provides educators with quick and easy bullying prevention lessons presented in a unique one lesson a week format. Each lesson includes a school-wide announcement, quotation and questions to use as a discussion or writing prompt. In addition, the program features Turn and Talk activities for pairs or small groups, and optional Use if you Choose activities to enhance the lessons. Curriculum integration suggestions and strategies for assisting the students involved in bullying are also included. Appropriate for elementary and middle school students.


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