Autism & PDD Social Skills Lessons: Getting Along*

Product Number : LY-1E

Autism & PDD Social Skills Lessons: Getting Along
by Pam Britton Reese and Nena C. Challenner

These social skills lessons work because they capitalize on the strong visual skills common among students with autism and PDD. Each social skill is taught through a 1-page rebus story lesson. The concise and expressive illustrations making up each lesson allow students to "read" the lesson along with the counselor or teacher.

The abundant array of lessons to learn and situations to master makes it easy to individualize the program according to each child's needs. Each book provides 40 lessons, plus progress forms and tracking sheets for individual or group therapy. These books teach the social skills necessary for successful inclusion of children with autism into general education classrooms. Through direct instruction, the lessons help these children learn the many unwritten school rules (raise your hand, wait in line, etc.) that other children learn through observation.

Instructional lessons teach children what to do or say in social situations (how to receive a compliment, for example) while behavioral lessons target specific problem behaviors, such as pushing or hitting others.

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