Autism & PDD Primary Social Skills Lessons: Behavior*

Product Number : LY-1D

Autism & PDD Primary Social Skills Lessons: Behavior
Ages: 3-8   Grades: PreK-3

Many primary children with autism need help with typical behavior issues such as dumping toys and pulling someone's hair.  This book has 40 ready-to-use lessons (stories).  The concise format makes it easy to keep a copy of the lesson where the behavior occurs.  Each sentence in the story is supported by one or more pictures.  Customize the lessons by adding student-specific information, editing the text, and using a photograph in place of the generic picture in the book.  There are instructional and behavioral lessons.  The instructional lessons teach young children what they need to do or say in social situations.  The behavioral lessons target specific social behaviors that need to be stopped.  The lessons are grouped by these topics:

  • School Behavior—Tearing, Mouth Noises, Counting, and more
  • Home Behavior—Drawing on the Wall, Running Away (Darting), Shoelaces, and more
  • Hurting Self/Others—Scratching, Pulling Hair, Head Butting, and more

Unlike lessons in other Autism & PDD Social Skills Lessons books, these behavior lessons are not for all of your students.  Use the lessons only if a problem exists.  The lessons in this book should be used after the child has calmed down, not while a dangerous behavior is occurring.

Extra helps include:

  • behavior tracking forms and examples
  • behavior analysis forms and examples
  • progress recording forms and examples
  • tracking forms for lessons
  • teaching suggestions

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