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Activities for Building Character and Social Emotional Learning Grades 6-8*

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  • Help students learn through inquiry and feel empowered to change
  • Students use art, drama, writing, music, and reading
  • Includes digital codes

The guide provides specific, easy-to-use activities that allow students to have conversations, learn through inquiry, and feel empowered to change through self-monitoring of their creative thinking. Students use creative ways, including art, drama, writing, music, and reading, to express themselves and reflect on their experiences.

Key concepts:
Me and my school community-what I need at school, cool rules, and respecting differences
Discovering our feelings-character building, dealing with anger, stress, and attitude makes a difference
My support system-friendship factors, stress stoppers, peer pressure, and people who care about me
Respect yourself and others-the language of respect, blaming, compassion, and private space
Bullying-being cool enough to care, bully survey, courage to be a positive bystander, and how to handle bullies
Teaming up for success-accountability, leadership, verbal and nonverbal communication, and cooperation
Conflict resolution-keeping my cool, problem solving steps, and team spirit
The power to choose-targeting good choices, learning from my choices, thinking before acting, and making a difference at school
Follow your dreams-positive role models, using my gifts and talents, self-discipline, and setting goals