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298 Piece Sand Toy Set & 8 Piece Family

Product Number : 101373100-ASIAN

This set gives you a great start, or can be used to augment your existing collection. You can choose from one of four different families: African American, Asian, Caucasian, or Hispanic. The family consists of parents, grandparents, a boy and a girl, small child, and a baby. Parents are about five inches tall. Make your choice of family skin tone above.

This set also includes the following items:

-Three Jets

-Lunar Explorer, 7 pc set

-Coffin (miniature)

-Casual Woman


-Civil War Set

-Mini Insect Set

-Wild West Set

-Dino Play Set


-Eight Trees: Palm, Fir, & Tree with stand

-Down on the Farm play set

-Six Fence Pieces

-Fire Department, 10 pc set

-Two Houses

-Three Liquor Bottles and Three Beer Cans

-Mother and Baby

-Mini Aquatic Play set

-Knight and Dragon set

-Reptiles Set

-Soldier Set

-Sports Ball Set

-Two Tanks

-Two Bridges

-Wild Animal Set

-Two Wine Bottles

-Community Figure Set

-Painted Rainbow

-Pretend Family of Eight in your choice of skin tone


NOTE: Your kit may not be exactly as pictured. We occasionally have to substitute items. Substitutions will be of equal or greater value.


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