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Percy the Pig (Being Responsible) Friendship Farm Backpack Buddy*

Product Number : 1102

  • Percy teaches children the importance of being responsible in a fun and engaging style
  • Includes Percy the Pig, backpack, 50 game cards, plus instructions
  • For 2-4 players
  • Ages 4-10

Ages 4-10. Created by Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D. Teaching kids social skills is a breeze with our new Backpack Buddy. This soft and cuddly animal teaches children the importance of acting responsibly with peers, as well as with adults. Comes with a removable backpack which holds 50 cards. Percy wears a t-shirt that states, "Be Responsible In Everything You Do." 10" each, 2-4 players.

Pig and Backpack
30 What Do You Think? Cards (help kids learn the importance of being responsible.)
10 Be a Friend Cards (give kids assignments in their homes or schools.)
10 Reward Cards (used to motivate kids to think about the importance of being responsible.)

The cards from Percy the Pig can be combined with cards from the other Friendship Farm Backpack Buddies. 

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